I have always been passionate about designing and making meaningful gifts and keepsakes and was very fortunate to able to start my own business. Lauren Nicole Gifts (name after my niece) was started in 2004 and was a great way for me to have my own business, but still move around as an Army wife. My husband recently retired from the Army and we are now permanently located in Ouray, Colorado

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Small Business Feature: J'adore Tutus

Today's feature is Rosselli, owner of J'adore Tutus. She loves providing customers with girly inspiration and can be found online on Twitter and Facebook.

Tell us a little about yourself and your small business: My name is Rosselli Tanuyan, married to my husband of 8 years, and mom to a lovely 5 year old daughter. I work full-time at Toronto's financial district, and the proud owner of J'adore Tutus. All the tutus are custom handmade by yours truly, using the finest tulle and materials for each piece. Each tutu is made with lots of girly inspiration and is 100% Canadian.

What inspired you to begin your small business and how did you get started? I am into arts and crafts, and enjoy things like photography, soapmaking and baking. My cousin suggested that I make tutus for my daughter because she was into ballet. I thought it was a great idea and another fun project. So I started with one pink tutu, and began making other colours. Then friends and family began ordering from me. That's when I realized that this could be a good business opportunity. So on January 5, 2011, which is also my birthday, J'adore Tutus was born.

Who or what has been your biggest source of support? My family - my husband, my mom, my sister.

Is this business something you’ve always dreamed of doing? I've always wanted to be a fashion designer ever since I was a child. I thought that would be such a cool job. But obviously that didn't happen until I got into making tutus. Creating and designing tutus is the closest to fulfilling my dream as a designer.

How do you strike a balance between your personal life and maintaining a successful small business? Honestly, I really don't know how I balance everything. My situation is somehow uniquebecause I don't just have a business, I also work full-time, I'm a wife and mommy on top. So you can imagine how crazy it could get. Some people have asked how I do it. Well, I make sure I have time for my family especially my daughter. I never bring home any work from my corporate job because work will still be there the next day. Whatever free time I have, is for family and fulfilling tutu orders. I think it's working so far.

Where do you see your small business five years from now? I hope in 5 years, people will recognize J'adore Tutus more. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity do work with some companies and do collaborations. By then, I hope to have more designs and continue to love making tutus.

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