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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Specials & Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I set up the Black Friday-Cyber Monday specials early because we will be gone for a few days for Thanksgiving.

Please visit the Cyber Monday section on the website for all details:

1. Spend $50 and get free shipping (coupon code: FREESHIP)

2. Spend $75 and get 15% off plus free shipping (coupon code: cyber1).

3. Spend $100 and get 15% off, plus free shipping, plus a free monogrammed pocket mirror (coupon code: cyber2)

4. Spend $250 and get 15% off, plus free shipping, plus a free monogrammed pocket mirror, plus a free $25 gift certificate (coupon code: cyber3).

5. Five $25 Gift Certificates for $100

To win a $50 gift certificate to the website just answer the following question? "What was the craziest Black Friday shopping experience you ever had?" The giveaway closes at midnight on Monday 11-28-11.

Have a wonderful holiday!!


Amy said...

One word: Wal-mart

KatiePerk said...

Some lady was in her nightgown shopping. It was transparent. My mom and I were laughing the whole time we were in line!!!

suburban prep said...

I have in the past been working it. I worked at a catalog for 15 years and then after that at a local boutique. I now try to my darnedest to avoid the crowds.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hope this finds you all doing well!

I have not been able to stop by in a while, but wanted to be sure to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings & Aloha!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh meant to say... I havent been out to "brave" the Black Friday sales, except when my hubby was social as he is, he isnt one for mass crowds of shoppers. :o)

Hm...have to say like KatiePerk mentioned...the attire of some early morning shoppers were as if they leaped from bed and into the line waiting for the doors to open.

Blessings & Aloha!

Krystyn said...

What very generous deals you are offering!

I've never once done the Black Friday, I brave my sleep and my kids waking me up!

Michelle said...

Years ago, my mom and I watched two ladies fist fighting in KB Toys! It was crazy!! We still go Black Friday shopping every year, but we've never seen anything like that again.

jakiesmom said...

the year i stood in line at the toy store for 2 hours for my nephews hard to find pokemon cards...not sure if i ever got thanked
nannypanpan at

Nikki Wilson said...

Best Buy was the craziest for me. I got the last one of what I went for so I did well, but after black Friday, I found better deals on the same item that I stood in line for forever to get.

twilson 107 at cox dot net

nightowl said...

When I went to a mall for Black Friday shopping, there was a long line at Starbucks. First, one guy was getting angry at another person in line. Security had to be called because they were about to start fighting.

winit6 at hotmail dot com

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