I have always been passionate about designing and making meaningful gifts and keepsakes and was very fortunate to able to start my own business. Lauren Nicole Gifts (name after my niece) was started in 2004 and was a great way for me to have my own business, but still move around as an Army wife. My husband recently retired from the Army and we are now permanently located in Ouray, Colorado

Friday, June 10, 2005

New Products

Currently I am working on learning how to enamel silver so that some of the initials on the fine silver jewelry can be enameled in colors. Enameling is fusing powdered glass to a metal surface and then firing it to 1500 degrees, which melts and sets the powdered glass giving it a glass surface.

My husband thinks it is a really neat process, but I don't think he is too excited about having a kiln running at 1500 degrees in the work shop. Since he finally got used to my blow torches and all the other equipment I think he will adjust to the kiln soon!!

Link to New Products

The other designs I have been working are wax seal jewelry and more personalized jewelry. I am hoping to buy some new equipment soon so that I can make even more custom molds for my silver pieces. This would allow me to make molds with an unlimited collection of designs, logos, names or initials.

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Anonymous said...

just FYI check out
I got a 19th century wax seal necklace in Park City Utah from them a few weeks ago.

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