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Monday, February 27, 2012

Technologically Challenged

I found this definition for Technologically Challenged on the internet today "someone that has NO CLUE on how to use technology, such as computers, cell phones, ipods, mp3s". I thought that my husband and I were pretty good at keeping up with everything and never thought we would fall into this category. We bought a Playstation3 several months ago so that we could use it to stream Netflix and play games. We have used the PS3 for four months now and have complained the entire time about how dumb the controller is because the cord is so short. Who sits that close to the TV in order to play games anyways and why would you want to get up every time you want to pause a movie because you can't reach the controller? One of my husband's students very kindly pointed out to us yesterday that the reason the cord is so short is because the controller is WIRELESS and the cord is only used just to recharge it! Who Knew!!

I just became one of "those people" that don't get it. About ten years ago I took over for an accountant that was getting ready to retire. I walked into his office one day and watched him beating the crap out of his computer. He still had a lot stuff on old green ledger paper, but had to to enter new transactions into the computer. His complaint was that he had been trying to enter numbers into the financial spreadsheets for over an hour, but the numbers would not show up on the screen. I looked over at his keyboard and noticed that he didn't have the "NumLock" key on. I swore that I would never be like that......well, I am there!!!! I am not even going to mention how long it took me to set up my Netflix account on the TV with my PS3.

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