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Monday, October 10, 2011

Most Inspirational Person in My Life

I admire so many people, but I would have to say that the person I admire the most is my Mom. I posted this picture of my mom on my blog a few years ago. She was always trying to get us to act like "ladies" and wear dresses. I remember when she used to make me walk around the house with a book on my head so that I wouldn't stomp around like an elephant. We made her a scrapbook for her 60th birthday and thought it was funny that we didn't find any pictures of my mom in dresses. We only found pictures of her dressed as a cow girl, guns and all.

My mom is a very strong person and also the most creative person I know. I remember watching her sew when I was very young and hoping someday that I would be able to make everything the way she did. Here is a picture of the first doll I made with my mom. I made it for a 6th grade project. She wanted me to embroider the face, but because I am stubborn I waited until she took a nap so that I could glue on a felt face. I couldn't wait for the doll to be finished and I didn't want to spend time embroidering it!!
When I was five I wanted to grow up and make things. I was told by teachers for years that I would never make any money by sewing or making things so I went to college and started a career I didn't really love. I really admire my Mom for being so supportive when I wanted to quit Corporate-America. She really encouraged me to follow my dreams and kept telling me that there was more to life than a career. I am so glad I listened because I am so much happier now. Whenever I am unsure of something my mom always has time to listen. There are six of us and that is a lot of listening!! Thanks Mom!!

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Missy said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom. And how neat is it that you knew from such a young age that you wanted to make things and now you have!

angela said...

I love that photo. My mom was quite a tomboy when she was young (in a way she still is.) She told me that she wanted Annie Oakley guns for Christmas one year, so I think she would love your mom's outfit :)

Snowmanlover said...

What a sweet post. Isn't it awful how some teachers could do that to a kid! I am glad you followed your dreams! I was a teacher for almost 20 years in downtown KCK. Now my 8 year old students are in their 20's and 30's and have found me on FB and let me know how inspirational I was to them. Good for you for pursuing what you wanted to do.
What a beautiful role model your mother was an is. You are very fortunate. Darling photos! Cute story. Thanks for sharing!

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