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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Re-modeling through You-Tube

We purchased a fixer-upper when we moved to Indiana last month. We decided to do all of the work ourselves. We have never done anything like this before so we are watching a lot of You-Tube videos for each type of project. It is too expensive to hire someone to do all the work. For the same price we can afford to screw everything up at least three times ourselves. Hopefully, we get most of it right the first time. The house is a lovely mix of 1970's and 1980's decor (translation: nasty!!).

So far we have finished two windows. The picture above is the original window above the kitchen sink. The 1970's wood framed window and 1980's birdhouse wall paper trim just weren't doing it for me!!

We found a great window outlet place. They sell custom windows that have been returned because they are the wrong size. We were able to buy a garden window for less than it would cost for a regular window. My husband installed the window and I did the paint and trim.
The bottom of the window just didn't look right painted and I wanted something more durable because I hope to grow plants in the garden window soon. I ended up tiling the was really fun and messy learning how to tile. It is a good thing that we didn't install the hard wood floors yet....I think I got more mortar and grout on the floor than I did on the tile.
Here is the original kitchen window.......lovely 1970's wood trim and 1980's plaid wall paper:
I like this new window much better!!!! I also put up crown molding around the kitchen ceiling (no more bird houses!!!)
This is the BEST tool we have purchased so far....a Miter saw made by Makita. It is so easy to use and makes perfect cuts for trim.

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