I have always been passionate about designing and making meaningful gifts and keepsakes and was very fortunate to able to start my own business. Lauren Nicole Gifts (name after my niece) was started in 2004 and was a great way for me to have my own business, but still move around as an Army wife. My husband recently retired from the Army and we are now permanently located in Ouray, Colorado

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hard Rock 100

The Hard Rock 100 is a 100 mile endurance race in the Colorado mountains, made up mostly of mountain trails. The cut-off time for the race is 48 hours. It is amazing because most of the runners are over 40 years old (and some in their late 60's). When we were in Ouray for vacation a few weeks ago we met some really neat people. I love getting to know people in small towns because they have such interesting and different lives. We got to know Jennifer who ran the Hard Rock 100 and finished! The race started after we left and I wanted to send her something. I finally came up with something this week. I ordered some charms and then made a "hard rock" charm so that I could put together a charm bracelet for her. We are so proud of her for finishing! It is quite an accomplishment. I don't think I could even stay up for 48 hours straight (even in a recliner, watching movies), let alone running & hiking for 100 miles!! Way to go Jennifer! You are an inspiration to all of us!!


Anonymous said...

that was really sweet of you and a very cute bracelet!

Jenny said...

aw how sweet, girl :)! i love the bracelet!

Kristen said...

that is adorable and way sweet of you!!

Preppy from Bay said...

That is such a lovely gesture. I've never done the 'hard rock 100'. I've done one marathon in my life, outward bound and my next goal is to do the Ironman in Hawaii! That is the best gift you can give some one after finishing such an extraordinary event. Way to go Jennifer!
Wonderful bracelet, really what a great person you are!

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