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Sunday, May 24, 2009

diet means DIET!!!

My husband and I have been dieting for a few weeks now. I ran 3.25 miles this morning and he ran 6 miles (show off). For breakfast this morning I served Kashi Go-Lean Cereal (crunchy fiber twigs) and fresh strawberries. My husband ate the cereal without complaint this time, but he handed back the strawberries and said "Would you PLEASE add some sugar, whipped cream and one of those little cakes to these and then I will eat them"


Preppy Sue said...

Hey, at least he ate the cereal!

Good for you, keep it up:)

Lis said...

Ha ha ha ha!! Love it!!

Good for y'all - eating healthy is sometimes so hard!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Strawberries are good that way -- although I'll eat them right after I buy them from the fruit stand without washing them... gross I know, but so damn good!

Busy Mom said...

I'm also trying to eat healthier this summer and work out!! Zumba and eating salads and I have lost
3 lbs this week!!

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