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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crunchy Fiber Twigs

Over the last year I have been replacing everything we eat with healthier versions. Sometimes my husband needs a little extra convincing. I almost had him convinced this morning to switch to Kashi Go-Lean cereal. It almost worked until he read the box and underneath "Kashi" it said "Crunchy Fiber Twigs".

His response: "There is no way I am eating sticks for breakfast, I would rather eat dirt".


Baffled Blogger said...

lol, maybe the kind folks at kashi could come up with some sort of man-friendly name for their foods. my boyfriend's not convinced about the goodness of any of their products (he reads the names and then decides he doesn't like it), except for the dark chocolate granola bars...i think they're going too healthy on the naming and it's deflecting the male market left and right!

SJN said...

even the chocolate covered healthy bars taste like cardboard, but hubby is eating those vs. a muffin.

Perfectly Pleasant said...

Their marketing department should really take a look at that -- I'm with your husband, no crunchy fiber twigs for me either!

Shaina said...

That's hilarious!

I'm with the bloggers above...Kashi should really consider finding a more attractive name for that cereal. Nobody wants to eat twigs, even if they are crunchy and fiber-filled.

OMG! No joke, my word verification is HERPES.

That just made my day.

Melissa said...

Oh that's so funny! Kashi defiantly needs to come up with something better than that line!

C in VA said...

I have to admit it....I'm a nutrition major...and I know some of you are gagging. Give the 'crunch!' cereal a chance haha poor little clusters!

~Holly~ said...

LOL!! Too funny! I'm with him! :D

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