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Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's in your wallet??

Last night a few people that work with my husband came over for dinner. This morning I checked the back yard. I have to check the back yard every morning because my dog, Bailey, will take everything outside that he can get his paws on (remote control, car keys, etc.). I found a Visa card in the back yard that belongs to one of our dinner guests. My dog loves to go through purses. He is really neat about it and you would never be able to tell that a dog was in your purse. This has happened several times before and I really hate calling people to tell them that my dog just stole their credit card. They are always really nice about it, but I wonder if they really believe me or not.

Bailey already has a criminal record. Last year he got caught shoplifting from Petsmart. I had just picked him up from the Vet and stopped in Petsmart to buy dog food. I can’t leave him in the car because he will steal the knobs off of the radio and heater so I had to take him into the store with me. I paid for the dog food and started to leave the store when the alarm went off. Bailey was in the shopping cart and had a stuffed toy hidden underneath him. He must have swiped it off the rack by the register!


Beth Dunn said...

Your dog is so funny! And cute. xoxo

Marfa said...

That's a very funny story. I never heard of a pickpocketing dog

Katy said...

That is too funny!

Did you hear about that dog that walked into a grocery store, stole a bone, and walked out? They had video of it and it was hilarious.

Here it is:

capperson said...

Haha that is soo cute. And he is adorable!!

Shell said...

How cute and sneaky!

Amanda's Sunshine said...

Bailey is so adorable!!

SJN said...

love your "chow line"! that's so funny, that they wait like that, amazing restraint. The other 2 sure know who the lead dog is!
Does #1 ever eat it all?

Lauren Nicole, LLC said...

The #1 dog does sometimes eat it all, especially if there isn't much food in the bowl. Sometimes the #3 dog likes to cut in line and there is a fight. I still can't believe they line up; even if we have 3 bowls of food out.

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