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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too old to Rock??

If you do any of the below at a concert it could mean that you might be getting just a little too old for concerts:

1. You spend 30 minutes before the concert finding the perfect strategic parking space so that you can make a clean fast exit when the concert is over.

2. During the concert you are overly concerned about how long it will last because your bedtime is 10:30pm.

3. You drink bottled water instead of beer.

4. You sit down during the entire concert.

5. You wish all the drunk people would shut up and sit down.

6. You insist that concerts are getting louder every time you go to one.

7. You wear bright orange ear plugs.

8. You spend the entire concert wishing you wore your pajama pants.

9. You really want to buy a concert t-shirt, but can't find the clearance rack.

10. You leave 10 minutes before the concert is over just in case your "strategic parking space" doesn't work out so well.

We did all of the above at the Queensryche concert last night!


Nicole-Lynn said...

That's hilarious! :)

GingerSnap said...

Funny :)

Perfectly Pleasant said...

haha, we practice #1 at any event we go to. The Boyfriend has to find the perfect spot and back in so we can make a fast exit!

mrsb said...

Holy cow, that's me! Lol!

Preppy 101 said...

That is hilarious! I love it!!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Oh no! I am probably too old!! I would definitely do more than one of those! :)

~Holly~ said...

That's scary! I do all of these!! :D

Torch Lake Prep said...

You are spot on !! I don't even enjoy most concerts anymore, unless it's in a small venue and who pays $8 for a glass of beer that you waited in line 20 minutes to get?

Divaeva said...

Too funny that they are all true!

Jules said...

I definitely do the parking lot trick! I treat it like a game. I hope you had fun at the concert. I love the song Silent Lucidity.

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