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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Suggestion for TJ Maxx

I just read a post on Preppy Mama’s blogspot about her TJ Maxx shopping trip (how her husband waits in the car while she dashes into TJ Maxx to find the BEST shoes). I love that story!!

So…… why don’t they have “Man Centers” in stores like TJ Maxx? If they would only set a small section aside near the front of the store with a few comfortable chairs, a TV, a vending machine and free coffee, all the men could hang out while the women shopped.

My husband gets excited when we go to a Michael’s and they have a “Man Bench” out front. He just brings a book and reads while I shop. After 18 years he finally learned that when I say “I will be just a few minutes” that it really means “you are going to have to hunker down and sit here for at least an hour…. next time bring snacks”.

They don’t even have to make the Man Center super nice. My husband is perfectly content to hang out in an auto repair shop waiting area where he can sit in a very uncomfortable hard plastic chair, watch a tiny TV, and drink gas station coffee out of a coffee pot that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since 1985.


Prep-E Girl said...

When we go to TJ's, DH usually plops down in the furniture section! *Laugh*

Or, starts wandering around picking up random things to ask me about (ie: "what do ladies need THIS for?").


suburban prep said...

If my husband is with me when I walk into Michael's he goes with me to the section that I am going to and he kind of pushes me because he hates that store. I love to go to knitting-yarn stores and with hubby it is like pulling teeth. So when we go to home Depot or Menards or Lowes I try to stay in the magazine or planting section.

Lis said...

You totally hit the nail on the head with this one! Like Prep-E - my hubby usually goes to the home part and finds a comfy (and usually way overpriced for TJ Maxx) recliner!

When we lived near DC we used to go to the JCrew at Tysons 2 and he loved it because they would always send him to sit down and bring him bottled water. Sometimes it's the little things!!

Jules said...

I am with you on this one 100%. My husband is so impatient and this would give him his own little place and we would both be happy. I try to leave him at home when I'm shopping, but I can't all of the time.

Anonymous said...

I think, quite honestly, you are onto the best idea, ever!!!

GingerSnap said...

The mall by me has gotten the hint...thank goodness! They have leather recliners with flat screen TVs placed throughout the mall in these little "waiting areas!" (read man trap) It is wonderful, I can actually get some shopping done without all the wining that normally accompanies it :) I think more stores and places should offer these sitting hate shopping, but are perfectly content to sit down and watch, well whatever (usually sports).

Preppy Mama said...

I think they should set it up exactly like the dirty gas station areas because my husband would probably stay longer!!

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