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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can Dogs Go To Jail ??

If you read some of my other posts you know that my dog, Bailey, has a theft problem. He will steal anything he can carry and anything he can carry ends up in the back yard.

Before we moved here we lived in Colorado. Last winter the snow drifts were so high that he was able to come and go over the fence to the neighbor’s house. I didn’t know he was doing it until he got caught going through the neighbor’s dog door and playing in their house.

Well, I have been cleaning out my workshop and other stuff in our house over the last few weeks. Last night I unpacked a few boxes that were still packed from our move and I found a remote control that I didn’t recognize. I turned it over and it has my neighbor’s name on it. We didn’t really know the neighbor and he was never over at our house so I am pretty sure Bailey lifted the remote control from his house and brought it through the dog door, which means that Bailey was probably in his house several times before he got caught. Bad Dog!!

What should I do with the remote?

I should mention that my neighbor wasn’t very nice. If he ever found anyone’s dog in his yard he would immediately call animal control and the dogs would get taken to the pound. I was always picking up dogs and putting them in my house until I found the owners just so he wouldn’t get them first. Since it is a universal remote I think I should donate it the humane society. They do an annual fundraiser garage sale back in Colorado.

Note to Sister: Remember that pair of Ipod headphones you “misplaced” when you were visiting. Well, silly girl, you left them in my back yard in a hole along with my spare set of car keys.


suburban prep said...

Growing up we had a Kerry Blue Irish Terrier. I am one of 7 siblings. Kelly (the dog) was the only one to wind up in the cell. She would get out and wander around. So yes Kelly went to Jail.

Preppy Pitbull said...

We had a portuguese water dog growing up and she was in jail about once a month. She would walk, yes WALK, through the electric fence, oblivious of, or simply ignoring the shock, and then just take a stroll of the neighborhood. She was SO lucky to have never been hit by a car, she once ended up 2 towns over just taking a nap in someones front yard!!

GingerSnap said...

haha, you are too funny. I'm sure you left your car keys in a hole in the backyard...what a bad dog (but don't we love em!) Mine burries stuff in the house. I will lift up a t-shirt that I had on the floor (for no more than an hour) and about 4 pieces of food and a toy will fall out of it...she makes me laugh :)

Divaeva said...

...keys in the hole in the yard...too funny! :)

Gifting Gumshoe said...

That Bailey is too cute! I thought about a story I just read online about a cat that prowled at night and stole stuff from other people's yards. The lady would hang the stuff out on a line in her front yard for people to claim their items. The cat, however, was not breaking into people's houses! I would love to meet Beetle Bailey sometime!

The Northerner said...

Haha, how funny! Definitely donate the remote to the humane society. And who puts their name on the remote? Weirdo!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That story is too funny! :D Especially the way you tell it! Love that little joke to your sister at the end! And I have to say too, I've never really heard of anyone putting their name on the remote! Anyway, thanks for sharing! :)

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