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Friday, March 6, 2009

TGIF - Giveaway

In honor of finally, finally, FINALLY selling our house and turning the key over to the new owners today I am giving away a “Key to My Heart” Necklace. The winner will get to choose the initial, bead charm, and length of the necklace.

It really is a great house and I want to wish the new owners the best! While the house was the bane of my existence for the last 14 months the happiest day of my life happened in that house…..the day my husband came home safely from Iraq after a very long deployment (New Year’s Eve – 2008). . I sent red, white & blue stars to everyone I knew and had them decorate them and send them back so that I could fill up all the windows before he got home. The house wasn’t the key to my heart, but my husband always will be.

To enter the drawing just post a comment telling me about the happiest memory in your house.


suburban prep said...

What came to mind right away was when I was unmarried and living at my parent's house. Actually it was the day of my wedding and I had just spend the night at their house. While I got an attack of hives the night before, it seems it created drama and something to laugh about before the wedding when I was having my picture taken. After the reception before we were taken to the airport to begin the honeymoon we came back to my parent's house and sat and had a bit more laughs. (See I am one of 7 siblings and we literally live all over the world). This enabled us to all get together for a bit.

Hayley said...

mine has to be waking up our first morning in our house. it was amazing, waking up next to my future husband, knowing we were finally HOME, and we'd be spending years of our life together under the same roof.

and then we got up and realized we hadn't moved the fridge we had no food!!! it was a very humbling, and hilarious moment...we're all about working together, even if that translates into getting to mcdonald's asap so we don't starve =)

Blissful Babe said...

Aww! That makes me verklempt!! How sweet!

The happiest moment is my house was probably this past Christmas, when my son came *running* into the room screaming that Santa had been here!

This is happy and wondrous, because just a few short years ago, last Christmas even, he wasn't at his best. Having had a huge ordeal with cancer/chemotherapy, etc., *running* wasn't on our list of activities. Long story, really. But wow. This past Christmas was the best Christmas in about 4 years. It, to date, has been the happiest moment in my house. Praise the Lord for His healing hands!!


capperson said...

Aww I loved that story, it brought tears to my eyes knowing how hard it is to have to worry about someone over there, well you know the situation. I love what you did for him, that is soo sweet and cute.

One of my best memories in this house, would actually be building it. I remember being about 4 years old standing inside the chimney helping my daddy by handing him tools and stuff. My daddy was actually around then and didnt work all the time. I miss those days. I still to this day dont really want my parents to sell this house because I know that my daddy built this house from the ground up, this house is the only house I actually ever remember living in, and this house was there before things went down hill. I love my house in the middle of the country with no worries and I am going to hate it when I have to move :(

Anne said...

The happiest day in my house for me was the happiest day for my whole family too. My brother was also deployed to Iraq. He was there right from the start of the war. We were so proud of him but we could not help but worry about his safety. I dealt with it by planning a huge party for him when he got home. Even though I didn't know when he would be back, I would be ready to have a big bash. When he finally got home we had a great time at the party with our friends and family. I was so happy to see the relief in my parent's faces. It was a day I will never forget and truly one of the happiest days of my life.

Stacie said...

What a sweet story! My husband is in the military too (in Canada) and I know how hard it is when they deploy.
We have only lived in this particular house for just over a year and I think the happiest memory would be this summer when we had a big bonfire in the backyard and roasted some marshmallows with the kids. We just sat around the fire and enjoyed the evening.

Pearls and Bows said...

My happiest memory is not a single memory but back before my brother got married and moved, my two other brothers went to college, and my sister move to Colorado springs. My Mum used to cook big Sunday dinners then play wiffleball till dark. Later we came up with an elaborate system of lights so we could play till wicked late. I miss having a full crazy house!

Stephanie said...

Aw, your memory is so wonderful.

My favorite memory of my apartment (no house yet) was finding out that we got it. The application process was so long and I fell in love with the cozy I was thrilled to find out I'd get to live there!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Such a sweet memory. Please tell your husband thank you for his service.

The happiest memory is finally getting to move in to our house after having to live in an apartment for six months while we were building.

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